Konosuba Volume 14 release date announced: 1st July 2018

The release date for Volume 14 has been put up on Kadokawa.

Konosuba Volume 14: Crimson Demon’s Trial

Yunyun finally becomes the chief!? After overcoming this trial, she might even ascend to the top of the Crimson Demons in this 14th volume!

Thanks to Megumin, Yunyun has already failed the trial twice… Backed into a corner, Yunyun names Kazuma as her new partner, she immediately set off to the Crimson Demon village to undertake the trail. However, what’s awaiting them is a trial completely outside their expectations!?

Well, with any luck, I’ll be able to complete work on the second Dust volume by then, so a TL wouldn’t be too far off.

Fingers crossed.


20 thoughts on “Konosuba Volume 14 release date announced: 1st July 2018”

  1. I don’t know why but I have a bad omen for this. remember when they said they get ppl to marry swordsmen or something like that correct me if I’m wrong but for some reason, I think they gonna try and force them together, megumin is not going to like that I hope I’m wrong


  2. Well other than a harem I bet Kazuma is going to get some sort of power-up.
    Vol 13 was pretty much about him renewing his sense of adventure and wonder so I’m guessing something stupid good is going to happen to him.


  3. Wow, July? right after volume 13 translations are done in the middle of May? I don’t know what you guys think, but that’s hella early for me, I can’t wait!
    Oh right, thanks for the translations, as always ^.^ and of course, thank you author for this SUBARASHII story XD


  4. I can’t wait! I just wish an anime studio would fully adapt Konosuba ;-; I don’t get how a series like SAO can get a full adaptation when it’s writing is so much worse than a novel like Konosuba’s. SAO is entertaining, but Konosuba is more entertaining, funny, somehow has a better story even though it’s a comedy first-and-foremost, and every character actually feels like they have personality. I’d much rather watch a few more seasons of that than a few more of a show that just grinds its gears.

    Sorry for the rant XD I just wish actually good series that deserve full adaptations (or at least more than 2 seasons) get them lol. At least My Hero Academia is a step in this direction tho


  5. Aww i feel spoilt with all the upcoming potential updates 😀

    I shall thank you in advance.
    Thank you~~!!

    And yeah, i wish Aqua would get more attention. She’s my only waifu candidate among all of them xD


  6. I just binged all the volumes in 5 days…I’m still unsatisfied im just thankful that there are still people who are faithfully translating it for us shut in neets, anyhow when will volume 14 be out I’m hyped


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