Untitled Darkness Short Story

Untitled Darkness short story

TL: Cannongerbil

Editor: Striker, Ulti

[Originally linked by Natsume from his blog on May 2nd, 2014, this story (and several more!) was never officially published. It might be that he dropped them, or that they didn’t make the cut (or maybe he just wanted to have fun?). In any case, this takes place around volume 4, so the status quo and character relationships are a little different from the later volumes.

Thanks to Striker for digging these up.]

I found a letter in the box today.

I don’t know who sent it, but it was addressed to Darkness.

In this world, paper is a high-priced luxury good.

Receiving a letter written on such a luxury good is part of the status of being a noble.

As I tried putting it up to the light and other such methods of sussing out the contents, I brought it over to Darkness.

Come to think of it, does this world have a tradition of sending new year’s greetings or some such?

I’ve never heard anyone talking about Christmas cards or greeting cards or anything like that.

As such thoughts went through my mind, I opened the door to Darkness’s room…

“Darkness, there’s a letter for you. There’s no return address, but it’s probably from some noble…”

I immediately stiffened up upon opening the door.

Darkness, who stood bent over in front of the bed, also stiffened up.

Darkness’s smooth, pale skin was clearly visible.

As she’s bent over, her long golden hair hung over her breasts, getting in the way… No, gracefully hiding the important parts of her breasts.

And her hands were placed on her waist, holding her pair of white panties…

…Long story short, Darkness was clad only in a pair of white panties and was about to remove them when I came in.

How could I have fallen for such a simple trap…

Darkness took a deep breath.

Yup, she’s definitely about to scream…!

“Mmmmph! Mmmph!?”

Darkness covered her chest with her hands and let out a muffled voice.

At the spur of the moment, I leapt forward and covered Darkness’s mouth.

Darkness gulped.

It seems like she couldn’t do anything right now.

Oh, right, if she removed her hands from her chest to do something, her breasts would become clearly visible to me.

Still, her current state is quite impressive indeed.

She’s naked from the waist up, covering her breasts only with her hands, and the only article of clothing from her waist down is a pair of panties.

Perhaps realizing what kind of state she’s in, Darkness’s cheeks flushed in bright red.

And not just her face, but her shoulders too.

Tears began gathering in her eyes, and she gave me a look like she was about to say something…

No, that’s not it!

At least glare at me or get angry or something…!

What should I do? How did I get into this position!?

Thank you very much. Thank you… No, wait, this is not the time for that!

I can do this, I can keep my head cool. I can get out of this lucky pervert situation that happens so often in light novels and mangaー Oh, thank you so very much!

Anyway, first is my hand.

I need to let go…!

I looked back towards the teary-eyed, yet oddly quiet Darkness who was still hiding her chest in her hands.

S-She’s not going to scream, right?

No, wait, even if she does scream, it won’t be a big deal. It’s simply an accident, so there’s nothing to feel guilty over.

Oh, right, the letter! I’ll give her the letter I brought!

Once I do that, we’ll be able to turn this entire incident into yet another thing to laugh about…!

I handed over the letter that was supposed to be in my hand…


……The letter…?


“Hmm? A letter?”

Aqua’s voice came to us from the hallway.

Hearing that unexpected voice caused both me and Darkness to jump up in shock.

The door is currently wide open.

And right in front of the door lay the letter that I dropped.

Aqua is going to pick up the letter and check the recipient.

And once she’s done that, she would naturally walk into this room.

I hastily looked around the room

My gaze fell on the closet.

I’m still holding my hand over Darkness’s mouth.

I grabbed Darkness’s hand, who was trembling for some reason, and pulled her towards the closet…!

“Mmmmph! Mmmph!?”

Darkness’s eyes widened and she made some muffled voices, but she followed me into the closet without resistance.

She’s strangely cooperative…




I suddenly realized what I just did.

Because I pulled one of her hands away, she only had one hand left to cover her chest, and she’s still still desperately trying to keep her assets covered with just that hand…

Just what am I doing?

I’ll just let Aqua call me the worst or whatever.

I loosened my grip on Darkness’s mouth…

“Oh, Aqua, what are you doing? Why are you turning that letter around in your hand?”

Hearing Megumin’s voice, I panicked and pulled Darkness into the closet together with me.


Just what am I doing? Really, what was I thinking?


“A letter addressed to Darkness? …She’s not in her room. Did she go out somewhere?”

Darkness, naked except for a pair of panties, is currently wedged on top of me inside a cramped space.

“Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Kazuma-san around either. Maybe they went off somewhere together.”

Aqua’s voice came from inside the room.

Dammit, stop talking already and get out of here!

Otherwise things will get bad. It’ll get seriously bad!

Just in front of my nose is a teary- eyed Darkness, my hand still placed firmly over her mouth.

“Hey, don’t close your eyes. C-Come on, why do you give up so easily in such situations? Hang in there! Wait, stop, don’t remove that hand covering your chest! It’d be really bad. No I mean, it looks really good but no I think it’d still be really bad…!”

Thank you very much! Thank you very much!

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28 thoughts on “Untitled Darkness Short Story”

      1. You’re talking about the illustration from Vol. 6, right? Yes, that does show them as black, but that was the illustrator’s decision, not the author’s. The illustrations don’t always line up with the text. Kazuma canonically has black/brown eyes, but they’re shown as green in the recent illustrations. I’m pretty sure this is the first time that Natsume has actually mentioned the color of Darkness’s panties in text.

        Of course, a girl’s panties don’t all have to be the same color.


          1. I think you’re referring to the scene where they were at her father’s house and she ripped her skit off. She was wearing a black garter belt then, but judging by how much skin was visible from some angles, I’m pretty sure that was JUST a garter belt with no panties at all…


            1. No, I’m referring to when kazuma uses steal and takes megumins panties. They’re shown to be black I think.


              1. Sorry, I thought you were talking about Darkness’s panties. I was talking about Darkness’s panties in the comment you replied to. Yeah, Megumin’s panties were black in the anime, but the LN also said they were black when Kazuma stole them, so that’s definitely canon. In fact, the LN illustration shows them as white in that scene, but the text says they’re black.


                1. Aah yes, a proof of culturally advanced civilization, the “Talk of Panties”.

                  An actual ToP intellectual i see right there.


  1. Makes sense why it was unpublished, this feels more like an incomplete erotic fan made doujinshi than konosuba original, is too erotic, and the ending make it do as if they did more after that, a lot more.


    1. I wouldn’t say this was any more erotic than the bath scene all the way back in volume 2…

      Out of curiosity, did you think Megumin sticking her tongue into Kazuma’s mouth was “too erotic” a well?


  2. Lol I think this story is recycled or reused in volume 7 or 8 when aqua and megumin is building a chick house and kazuma is trying a myrthil rope…

    Liked by 1 person

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