Konosuba Movie Trailer 1

Kadokawa just released a trailer for the movie. It’s now confirmed to be about volume 5.

17 thoughts on “Konosuba Movie Trailer 1”

  1. HOLY MOLY Goddess Eris!! I’m super duper hype for this!! I’m waiting for this movie and finally the trailer has been release. Now the Kazumin ship is about to take its maiden voyage, hopefully


  2. Nice trailer but I wish they translated release date. I did see 2019 but since I dont understand Japanese I dont know what month was on there.


  3. I can’t wait for this to come out later this year but I hope that they can animate the whole volume nicely and I have hope


  4. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhh!!!!
    Im so excited for this but i hope they won’t cut the volume too much and I want to see the development of kazumin XD


  5. I can’t wait to see Kazuma’s reaction after hearing Sylvia’s secret. To those of you who asked, please read yourself. It is much better than being spoiled.


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