15 thoughts on “Konosuba Manga: Continued Explosions Chapter 8”

  1. Nooo!! What happened to the super romantic kazumin scene on the sofa where they talk about making lo- kissing and stuff?
    Hope it will be on the next chapter


    1. Ikr, that scene was the only thing I was looking for in this chapter, and they cut it out. I like the art-style of this manga, but I hate how they cut out events. Adding fillers is one thing, I can except it, but cutting out canon? WHY? In previous chapter there was supposed to be this moment, where Megumin explained, why she fell in love with Kazuma. Instead we got “I love him” and thats it. I REALLY hope, that author is gonna put all these romantic moments later, otherwise this manga is not gonna be as good as the novel.


      1. Since when it’s canon? ﴾⌣人⌣”﴿ It’s harem novel, not? I hope author-san will shatter these misconceptions soon


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