Konosuba Manga: Continued Explosions Chapter 7

Sorry for the late update, there’s been some, uh, scheduling issues that delayed this month’s chapter. I’ll try to get the Masked chapter up this week at the usual time, but no promises.




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19 thoughts on “Konosuba Manga: Continued Explosions Chapter 7”

  1. I am really dissapointed with this chapter. I was super looking forward to that talk between Megumin and Chris, but it was short as hell. In the novel Megumin gave long and detailed confession on why she fell in love with Kazuma and how serious her feelings are. Here it was just “I love Kazuma” “Ok bye”. FFS. It was the part, that shouldnt have been cut.


  2. Okay, this chapter is full of incredibly cute moments, but WHY DO I FIND KAZUMA THE MOST CUTE even though there’s Megumin and Yunyun and Iris here


    1. I think all characters are cute with this art style. I love this mangaka way more, than the mangaka of the main Konosuba series.


  3. I like this art style very much.
    (Kazuma’s mask is not full black in the text of the LN?)

    Who was that girl in Chris mind?


  4. megumin is developing responsibility and following kazuma’s footsteps! Her new thief outfit is just kawaii!


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