Dust Spinoff 4 Release date announced, along with Drama CD


The fourth Dust spinoff, A time in the limelight for that fool too! The never victorious gambler, has been announced. It will be coming out on the first of november alongside a brand new Drama CD.

6 thoughts on “Dust Spinoff 4 Release date announced, along with Drama CD”

  1. wow. looks like dust spinoff is really taking of. Vol 2 was somewhat disappointing but the 1st vol was incredibly funny, haven’t had THAT much fun reading a konosuba book since vol 6 of the main series.
    The main series is going a bit downhill since vol 10 so I’m looking forward more to the Dust spinoff, specially since Dust, aside from Kazuma, is my fav konosuba character.

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  2. I feel like first Dust spinoff was too repetative. Dust wants money-Dust comes up with a plan-Dust fails-Dust wants money. Repeat until the end of the volume. Vol 2 was better.


    1. Unfortunately, Dust complains about money issues still even in the latest volume of the main series. If you ask me, I rather have had a spinoff of the other Japanese hero.

      At least that way, we could find out about the other Japanese heroes in KonoSuba because there are more than 2 Japanese in the KonoSuba world judging by how many Japanese were at that party at the castle in the capital.


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