Continued explosions manga: Chapter 1


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Once again, thanks to Kasen for letting me host this. The Masked Devil manga adaptation should be out within the week.

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15 thoughts on “Continued explosions manga: Chapter 1”

  1. Whats ironic here is that the Continued Explosions manga covers content waaaaay ahead of the main story’s manga version which is still stuck at vol 4 since last year. I guess Morino-sensei noticed this and decided to include a summary of the events from vol 6 in order to introduce Iris properly to non LN readers

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    1. i think the LN write chose to change the the one who make manga because tired of old mangaka who never seen any progress and happy with morini-sensei

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    1. CG isnt the translator just the editor. You can literally see the translator’s name in the first page. And you can also find this in other manga sites


    1. Eventually. I’m still kind of waiting for the chaos following the wake of Batoto shutting down to settle down, given that there’s something like four different batoto successors at the moment. Last I checked, Mangadex was still chugging like a pig at a buffet.

      Also, people will probably upload it for me anyway.


  2. at last! Eris-chan in a konosuba manga! im rooting for this spin-off(and also that in this part, Megumin is already “atacking” Kazuma)


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