Continued explosions manga: Chapter 0

A little something to look forward to.

Thanks to Kasen for the TL and typesetting.



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14 thoughts on “Continued explosions manga: Chapter 0”

  1. Finally! SO excited! Thanks gerbil-sama! The end for this manga will be like a preview to Dust’s spinoff so I was hoping this would become a manga before Dust’s spinoff started but whatever.


    1. Nope because a different mangaka is doing Dust’s spinoff and its first chapter is already out but not yet translated


      1. yeah but i was hoping they could coordinate with each other or something.

        The end of continued explosions was basically where most of the hints concerning Dust’s past are dropped.


  2. Why did they start with a prologue? This is a monthly release and its killing me. Yes the LN has been translated for a long time now but reading it as a manga gives a different experience entirely


  3. Thanks for translating this. However…

    The download link for this chapter doesn’t work. Not that it matters much, since the images are all in the post anyway, even if you couldn’t figure out the correct URL, but still…
    Also, if you’re going to provide downloads, can I suggest making them more visible? It would be much more user-friendly if the link was at the top of the post, so people (a) actually know it’s there, and (b) don’t have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the post to reach it (or even read the post at all, come to that, if it’s visible on the home page).


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