Megumin Anthology: Nadaka Harutsugu – Explosive Create Water!

This guy makes amazing expressions.




[zip download]

9 thoughts on “Megumin Anthology: Nadaka Harutsugu – Explosive Create Water!”

  1. Great expressions. I always felt that the drawing skills, especially when it comes to body language, is extremely important when making a good manga. Good drawings can even make up for half-assed, subpar story, just by the body language being great, lively and immersive.
    It doesn’t need to be beautiful, but it needs to feel alive, you get what I mean? If the characters feel dead or dull, the story could be the best in the world but it would still be a shitty experience and a subpar manga. If that’s the case, they might as well go for another format altogether and write novels.
    Wish more mangaka could bring their manga alive like this. I might be exaggerating a bit here, but I feel like art and body language of the characters is 75% of a good manga while the story is at most 25%. It’s not as if you can fit much text into a manga, the characters and overall art needs to make up for the missing story to be good. Actually, perhaps I should say that 50% is body language of the characters and the feeling it brings, 25% is good overall art(for example some of the most hilarious manga has shit art, sometimes crappy art complements the manga) and the last 25% is story/dialogue.
    Like this little doujinshi(assuming it is one, do remember that doujinshi doesn’t only refer to hentai), the dialogue/”story” isn’t really anything special, nor is it really interesting. It’s something we’ve seen quite a few times before, remove the pictures and read only the text and you’ll not feel anything at all. But the body language/expressions bring it alive, making it something special.

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