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Komekko’s Sugar Daddy [Bakuen 1 Short story]

Komekko’s Sugar Daddy

TL: Cannongerbil

Editing: Ulti

Just what is happening?

“Onii-chan, I want to eat frost lizard steak next!”

“Leave it to me! Onii-chan is really strong! It doesn’t matter if you want a frost lizard or a salamander, it’ll be a cinch to me!”

On the way back from school, I came across Bukkoroli trying to bribe Komekko with food. This is probably something I should be reporting to the adults of the village…

Though, this NEET is a rare lifeline to Komekko who’s still growing up, so I could turn a blind eye to this…

“I’m going to become Onii-chan’s wife when I grow up!”

“You damned NEET, how dare you seduce my sister!”

“Wai-st-stop, Megumin! Why are you hitting me all of a sudden?!”

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The highly respected Crimson Demons

The highly respected Crimson Demons

Bakuen 3: Toranora exclusive short story

Intermediary TL: Lazy Donkey (怠惰驴)

TL: Cannongerbil

Editing: Ulti

This happened back when I was exploring Axel with Yunyun.

“Hey, aren’t those two Crimson Demons?”

“W-Wait, are you serious? Crimson Demons, you mean that clan of super powerful mages that even the Demon King’s Army is afraid of, right?”

We could hear such whispers coming from behind us as we walked past a certain street.

I maintained a calm appearance, and glanced at Yunyun beside me.

She seemed to be acting as usual, but I could see the edges of her mouth constantly twitching upwards.

I’m probably in the same state right now.

Behind us, the two men continued their whispered conversation.

“Speaking of Crimson Demons, every single one of them is an extremely skilled mage, and have mana far beyond those of regular mages.”

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Taking my first step on the path to explosions [Bakuen Manga short story]

<Here’s the short story that was included in the Bakuen Manga. Thanks to Shaoqi for bringing it to my attention and doing the initial translation.

Vol12 Chapter 3 should be up by Friday.>

Intermediary TL: Random passerby C (路过的路人C)

TL: Shaoqi, CannonGerbil

Editor: Ulti

Underneath that hood of hers, the big breasted onee-san seemed to twitch.

“Wha…What did you say?”

“I said, please teach me that spell.”

I repeated myself to that onee-san.

The onee-san made a face more troubled than when I said I wished to conquer the world.

More troubled than when I asked for a way to grow my chest.

And even more so than when I asked her to make me into the Demon King.

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