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Konosuba Volume 1: Chapter 1

Arriving in a New World with This Self-Proclaimed Goddess!

TL: Skythewood

Editing: Adam, Cannongerbil, Xenthur, Striker

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Konosuba Volume 12: Chapter 6

Granting Eris’ Divine Protection upon this Crusader!

TL: Cannongerbil

Editing: Ulti, Keel the swift

Part 1

“Assistant-kun, Assistant-kun! Look! There’s a really big inn over there! Shall we stay there tonight?”

Chris, who has been in high spirits since she joined up with us, said cheerfully.

“Big Boss, do you have the money to stay in such a fancy place? I always got the impression that you’re the kind of person who quickly blows away all your money the moment you get it.”

Chris and I were sitting in the back of the carriage, looking around for a good inn to spend the night as Darkness handled the horses.

“Of course not. I donated most of my money to the Eris Church and drank the rest.”

“That’s no good, Big Boss. Then what are you going to do about tonight?”

In response, she gave me a glowing smile.

“Oh, Assistant-kun, are we really that distant? Haven’t we ran around the city at night together? We’re already close friends, aren’t we? Such close friends should of course sleep in the same place!”

In other words, ‘please handle my lodging fees for tonight.’

Well, I don’t particularly mind doing so, but Darkness interrupted before I could give my reply.

“I’ll cover Chris’ lodging fees. You did rush all the way here from Axel to help, after all… Still, Chris, it’s not bad to be so devoted to Eris-sama, but for the sake of your future, you should at least consider saving up some money.”

“Yay! Thanks, Darkness! Yeah, I’ll think a little more about my future from now on.”

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Dear Onee-chan (Bakuen 3 Gamers short story)

Dear Onee-chan

TL: Cannongerbil

Editing: Ulti

I finally found someone I knew after wandering around the village for quite some time.

That girl who’s sitting on the bench next to the store selling roasted sweet potatoes and writing about something is Onee-chan’s friend. Her name is…

“Amure! I’ve found Amure!”

“It’s Arue. My name isn’t Amure, it’s Arue. What’s the matter, Komekko? You seem quite worked up. Do you need me for something?”

Seeing me, Amure squatted down and brought her face down to my level.

“I haven’t eaten anything for three days.”

“Weren’t you eating heartily after conning Bukkoroli yesterday…? Oh fine, how about I treat you to a roasted sweet potato?”

I nodded enthusiastically, and Amure grinned in response and ordered a roasted sweet potato for me.

As I bit into my snack, I remembered what I originally came here for.

“Amure, this! Can you read it for me!?”

“M-my name is Arue… A letter? Oh, it’s a letter from Megumin. Let me see…”

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Konosuba Volume 12: chapter 5

A Banquet with this Devil Count!

TL: Cannongerbil

Editing: Uranophane, Ulti, Keel the swift

Part 1

Near the entrance to the town of Axel, Megumin and Aqua looked up at us as we boarded the carriage that Darkness hastily prepared.

Since the two of them are staying in the city, they’ve come to see Darkness and me off while we made our final preparations for the journey.

“You can cast Create Water, so water isn’t an issue, but have you brought enough food with you? What about handkerchiefs and tissues? Hey, Kazuma, do you know how to set up a tent? I’ve heard that some people won’t be able to sleep if they suddenly change pillows, so maybe it’s best that you bring it along with you?”

“What are you, my mother? You don’t have to worry about us. We’re veteran adventurers, you know? Our levels are pretty high right now. Plus, it’s not that harsh of a journey, so you really don’t have to worry so much. Oh, and I don’t need a pillow.”

Aqua nagged at me like a mother fussing over her son.

“I can’t help it. I won’t be going with you this time, so take care. If you get killed by a monster, I won’t be able to resurrect you. Don’t pick up and eat anything strange you find, okay?”

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Komekko’s Sugar Daddy [Bakuen 1 Short story]

Komekko’s Sugar Daddy

TL: Cannongerbil

Editing: Ulti

Just what is happening?

“Onii-chan, I want to eat frost lizard steak next!”

“Leave it to me! Onii-chan is really strong! It doesn’t matter if you want a frost lizard or a salamander, it’ll be a cinch to me!”

On the way back from school, I came across Bukkoroli trying to bribe Komekko with food. This is probably something I should be reporting to the adults of the village…

Though, this NEET is a rare lifeline to Komekko who’s still growing up, so I could turn a blind eye to this…

“I’m going to become Onii-chan’s wife when I grow up!”

“You damned NEET, how dare you seduce my sister!”

“Wai-st-stop, Megumin! Why are you hitting me all of a sudden?!”

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Megumin Anthology: Araragi Ayune – Improvement for this movement environment!

So Kasen and Lord VTP have been working on translating the Megumin Anthology comic, which is a collection of Megumin centric short stories drawn by various different artists. They’ve kindly given me permission to host their releases on this site, so over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting the chapters up here. Look forward to them.

Once again, thanks to Kasen and Lord VTP for putting in the hard work.



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Konosuba Volume 12: chapter 4

A gesture of love for this orphanage!

TL: Cannongerbil

Editing: Uranophane, Ulti, Keel the Swift

Part 1

Next morning.

Thanks to the events that took place last night, I ended up tossing and turning without getting even a wink of sleep.

“G-good morning, Kazuma. You sure are early today.”

I went to the kitchen to have breakfast only to meet a similarly sleep-deprived Darkness who gave me a lackluster greeting.

“I’m not up early. I just couldn’t sleep thanks to what you did last night. Why do you and Megumin keep teasing a teenage boy like me? Raising my hopes only to leave me hanging. Do you actually like me or do you just find it amusing to see me suffer?”

“Th-That’s… N-No, nevermind. What happened last night was my fault. I wasn’t thinking straight. To think that I had to be comforted by a girl that’s younger than me… I really failed as a noble… Please forget about what happened last night.”

Saying that, she regretfully lowered her head.

“How could I ever forget that? Not only was I handcuffed to an older noble lady, I got stripped half-naked and even got my first kiss forcibly stolen. That doesn’t exactly happen often, you know?”

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