Megumin Anthology: Piro – It’s called explosion!

Merry Christmas!

Chapter six of Volume 12 will be going up this Friday at the usual time.

In the meantime, enjoy!




[Zip download]

8 thoughts on “Megumin Anthology: Piro – It’s called explosion!”

    1. Wait, which one? There’s a 95% chance I’ve read it, but I don’t pay attention to authors or artstyles unless it really stands out or I’ve read half a dozen of their works. What’s the name of it?

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  1. This is probably my favorite art style out of the other anthology comics (though all of them are really good).
    If this comic is semi-canon (since it’s officially published by kadokawa), does that mean that the hentai comic is also sort-of canon? ;D


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