Konosuba Yorimichi: Short Story 2

Acclamation for this Rabid Mage!

TL: Cannongerbil

Editor: Striker

When I opened the door to the Adventurer’s guild, a series of cheers greeted me.

“Yes, her guardian is here!”

“We were waiting for you, Kazuma-san! …Hey, wait, don’t turn around!”

“Don’t let Kazuma run away, grab him!”

I tried to close the door and pretend I didn’t see anything, but the people inside rushed out in a panic and grabbed me.

“Normally, it’s a sixty percent chance Aqua did something, thirty percent Megumin’s problem, and ten percent Darkness, so which one of them messed up this time?”

“It’s the thirty percent one. Megumin got into a duel with an adventurer who came in from out of town, and both of them went outside the walls to settle things.”

God dammit.


ーI quickly left Axel, followed by a small crowd of adventurers, and soon came across Megumin facing off against a strong looking, warrior type man that can only be described as a veteran.

At first glance, this scene looks like an experienced warrior picking on a newbie mage, but…

“The battle will be an all out slugging match that only ends when one party is unable to carry on! Before the battle starts, each of us will write a will that the victor will deliver to the relatives of the loser!”

“Wait a minute, aren’t you a spellcaster!? What’s this about a slugging match!? And this shouldn’t be a duel to the death…”

I approached Megumin who was dictating terms to the other adventurer.

“Why are you always in such a hurry to die? Haven’t you heard the saying life is precious?”

“Ah, Kazuma, you showed up at just the right time! Please act as the official witness to this duel! Hey, hurry up and write your will already!”

“Hey, you, are you a friend of this mage!? She’s giving me trouble and won’t leave me be, so please help me!”

I snatched up the challenge letter that Megumin was trying to shove onto the other adventurer and opened it up.

“Ah, Kazuma, you can’t read that! There is a deadly trapー!”

“‘By the time you read this letter, I will no longer be in this world. After all, I would’ve been brutally murdered in a duel with the person who delivered this letter. There’s no way he could’ve defeated me in a straight fight, so he must have achieved victory through some underhanded means. Please mobilize the entire clan and take revenge for meー

If you who have defeated me read this letter before you delivered it to the Crimson Demon Village… You despicable peeping tom, I curse you and all your descendants!


… You, you really are…”

Even if on the off-chance he defeated Megumin in this duel, if he followed the terms and delivered this to the Crimson Demon Village, he would end up getting mobbed by them.

And if he opened this letter before delivering it, she still had a few parting words written for him.

Can’t she use that brain of hers for something more decent?

“Say, have you been carrying this letter with you all this while?”

“Of course. Whenever I leave the house, I leave being fully prepared to lose my life at any moment.”

Sensing that this debacle is about to end, the adventurer let out a sigh.

“Phew, you really were a big help. Even in the town of Axel filled with nothing but weak newbies, dealing with a Crimson Demon is still exhausting.”

… The way he put that kind of rubbed me the wrong way…

It seemed like I was the only one who heard that, because the other adventurers who followed me gathered around him looking apologetic.

“Sorry about that. That little one doesn’t mean anything bad, she’s just short tempered…”

“Yeah, she’s a little more quick to anger than others, but she’s normally a pretty sensible person… ”

“And she’s only cute when she’s eating. Though, whenever I look at her too long, she’ll ask me if I’m targeting her food and starts picking a fight with me. I always think she resembled a rabid dog when that happens.”

“Right, the three of you, why don’t you take this man’s place and face me in a duel.”

As the short tempered rabid girl picked a fight with the adventurers, I took the chance to talk to the man.

“By the way, what caused you to end up in a fight with that short-tempered girl in the first place? Ninety percent of those cases end up being her fault, but, you know… ”

“Hmm? You’re younger and less experienced than me, so speak with more respect. Anyway, this town is filled with newbie adventurers, right? I’ve been thinking of setting up at a new town, so I thought it might be nice to take a breather and hang out with my junior adventurers for awhile…”

… Wait a minute, this guy…

“Wait, you told that to Megumin? She who has the shortest temper out of everyone and especially hates adventurers from Axel being looked down on?

“I told you to speak with more respect, didn’t I? Anyway, yes, the first person I saw when I entered the guild was her from behind. So I told her, hey, little girl, I’ll give you some training, so why don’t you hang out with me for a bit? But then she turned around, and seeing her eyes gave me a shock. They are blood red! I called out to someone else after knowing she’s a Crimson Demon, but…”

… …

A hush descended on the crowd, and a brief moment passed when they looked between him and Megumin.

“I put ten thousand eris on Megumin winning!”

“I put twenty thousand on Megumin beating that man until he cries!”

“We can’t bet like this, everyone’s putting their money on Megumin. I mean, me too, but…. ”

Seeing the sudden change in the crowd, the man looked around in a panic.

“H-Hey, adventuring is a hierarchical profession! You should respect your senpais more! In the first place, my level is almost twenty, so you best think about that beforeー”

The moment that man said that, Megumin took out her adventurer’s card and shoved it in his face.

“For someone who’s not even level twenty to put on such airs, it seems like we are really being looked down on. Just look at the level of a high bounty hunter like me. Now, then, let’s change the terms of the duel to a slugging match until whoever cries first… Give me your best!”

On this day, in front of the gathered crowds of cheering adventurers, Megumin gained yet another feather in her cap.

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  1. Now that is a very satisfying win~!! An I want to counter that one comment about Megumin. She is not only cute when eating, she is ALWAYS cute~!!!


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