Konosuba Yorimichi: Short Story 1

The Noble Lady has Grown

TL: Cannongerbil

Editor: Striker

Dustiness Ford Lalatina.

The only daughter of a high ranking noble family, and a beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed noble lady that could hold her head up proudly anywhere she goes.

Normally, such a person should be far beyond our reach, but…

“Aqua, please give me some more of those sweet potato chips. This tastes really different from the high-class cuisine I’m used to, but I can’t get enough of it.”

The girl in question is currently laying on the sofa while helping herself to a plate of sweet potato chips.

“These are the chips that the brilliant me managed to create only after extensive effort. If you want more of them, then convert to the Axis Cult. Right now, I can offer a one day trial period just for you.”

The truth is, Aqua just missed the taste of potato chips and recreated them with sweet potatoes after being unable to acquire high quality potatoes.

She brought it out as an after dinner snack, and it’s delicious enough that Megumin has been wordlessly munching on them all this while.

But still…

“Joining the Axis Cult, huh… If it’s just for a day, I suppose Eris-sama would overlook… No, no, wait, I’ve never heard of such a trial period before! I’ve had this impression for quite some time, but you are way too unprincipled as an Archpriest… If you keep this up, you’re going to get punished by your goddess.”

“It’ll be quite an interesting day when I lay punishment upon myself.”

As Darkness started lecturing Aqua with a potato chip in hand, I said,

“Say, Darkness, you’re from a proper noble family, right? You’re lazing on the couch snacking on potato chips, but you really are a noble lady, right?”

When Darkness heard that, the chip she was holding slipped from her grip and fell to the floor.

“… Sorry, Kazuma, I didn’t catch that… C-C-Can you please say it again?”

Darkness seemed really shaken by what I just said, and Megumin interjected.

“Well, the chips are delicious, after all. Still, Darkness does look a little rounder lately. Are you saying that she lost that gallant image she had when we first met her?”

Darkness seemed completely dumbfounded and made her way up towards the second floor in a dazeー


ーThe next morning.

(…Hey, Megumin, what should we do about this? I mean, I’m partly at fault too, but…)

(Wait, I’m involved in this too? Oh, yeah, I did say some unnecessary things yesterday. Sorry. I didn’t exactly reflect on it, but I suppose I should apologize.)

Megumin and I engaged in hushed whispers after seeing Darkness sitting at the table, elegantly sipping a cup of tea while wearing an elaborate dress.

“Is something the matter, Kazuma-sama? Your breakfast is getting cold.”

Darkness is on breakfast duty today, and she whipped up a simple meal of bread, salad, and eggs.

It’s a simple meal, but something seemed different than usual…

“Y-Yeah, let’s eat while the meal is still warm. Say, is today’s breakfast a little different than usual?”

“You have a good eye, Kazuma-sama. These are all made from high quality ingredients that I had sent over from my house. It’s a breakfast fit for nobles, packed full of experience points.”

The way she smiled at me after saying that, and the words she’s using, this is…

(What should we do, Kazuma? If we bring her to the guild while she’s like this, she’ll definitely get teased by the other adventurers and hole herself up inside for a week. In that case, why don’t we start teasing her now…)

(What we said yesterday must have dealt her quite a shock. This feels like a bout of chuunibyou, so I’m sure she’ll come to her senses after a while and regret it. Waiting to tease her until after she regains her senses would be more effective.)

“Kazuma-sama? Are the dishes I made today not to your liking?”

“No, no, I just wasn’t prepared to be served a noble’s breakfast today. It’s delicious!”

Seeing Darkness’s uneasy face, I hastily helped myself to the meal.

Maybe it’s because of the gap between how she is now and her usual behaviour, but seeing her like this made me think that, yeah, she really is a noble lady.

Just then, as I dug into my meal slightly faster than usual because of my nervousness, Megumin elbowed me.

“…Kazuma, Kazuma, Darkness is laughing behind her sleeves.”

Looking up, Darkness’s shoulders were indeed shaking slightly as she watched my nervous behavior.

… This girl…

“Heheh, sorry, Kazuma, seeing you so nervous like this can’t help but tickle me. Anyway, as you can see, if I put my mind to it, I can be a pretty decent noble lady.”

“… And here I thought you took a serious shock from what I said yesterday, but you’re actually just teasing me… Well, you are a proper noble lady. I’m sorry for doubting you.”

“Yeah, Darkness, you look really beautiful today. I kind of want to tease you a little…”

As Megumin said something that sounded more fitting coming out of the mouth of an old man, Darkness gave her a smileーー

“Good morning~ … Oh? Hey, Darkness, what is up with that dress?”

Aqua, clad in her pajamas, came down and said the moment she laid eyes on Darkness.

“Good morning, Aqua. Fufu, I just thought that it’d be nice to wear a dress todayー”

“You really look like a noble when you are dressed like that! Hey, do you want to take a walk around town? I think people might actually mistake you for an actual noble!”

… …

After hearing that Aqua genuinely forgot that she was a noble, Darkness spent the next three days couped up in her room.

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