Introducing Megucoin

The stocks have fallen, your life savings are in ruins, and your collection of caps is worthless now that toilet paper has become the post apocalypse currency of choice, so you might be wondering, what can I do with my remaining 500 zimbabwean dollars?

Well, wonder no further.

Introducing: Megucoin.

Backed by Explosion Magic, one megucoin is valued at one casting of EXPLOSION, and can be redeemed at your closest Crimson Demon archmage. Once a day, every day, Megucoin will see a sudden EXPLOSION in value, guranteed.

Also available in many different styles [Thanks to Kasen and Sero for the coin art]

Think big. Buy Megucoin today.

Warning: Availablity of said Crimson Demon archmage is not guranteed. CGtranslations is not responsible for any property damage, terrain alteration, and aggroed inhabitants that may result from abusing Megucoin. Side effects may include obsession, bouts of megalomania, and death by angry giant frogs. Please consult your psychatrist before using Megucoin.

11 thoughts on “Introducing Megucoin”

  1. Damn international markets gobbling it up before the rest of us! I have Loonies and Toonies to convert!


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