Konosuba Yorimichi: Splash pages




[Thanks to Sero and Ulti for the typesetting]

Surprise Wednesday update. I’m putting it up right now because, just like volume 16, Yorimichi doesn’t have a prologue. It makes sense considering it’s a collection of short stories, but it makes the splash pages a little anemic to be put up at the usual time, so I’ve chosen to upload them earlier. Don’t worry, the first short story will be going up this Saturday.

Anyway, here it is, the collection of Konosuba short stories that Natsume released this January. Now, some of you might have noticed that some of the titles seem awfully familiar. That’s because, apart from the last story, all of these short stories have previously appeared as Bonus stories for buying the Blu-Ray set. In particular, “Axel’s Explosive Detective” and “Beware of Imposters” have been previously translated by me and put up on the site.

The current plan for those two stories is for me to release them on the Wednesday of that week, for easy archival purposes and to include the new content present in Yorimichi.

Apart from those two chapters, the other chapters should be releasing every week on Saturday, so look forward to them


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