[Eng Sub] Konosuba Fantastic Days: Character Comments

Konosuba Fantastic Days is the upcoming Konsouba mobile game that is currently in closed beta. Their official Youtube account has released several character spotlights as part of their promotion, which I’ve translated here. Enjoy.

9 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] Konosuba Fantastic Days: Character Comments”

  1. Wait I’m trying to figure this out, are you playing as Kazuma, or are you your own individual character interacting with the other characters? It seems like Kazuma is ranting to himself, but if you’re playing as him that would seem a little odd.


    1. You’re kind of a non entity in the game proper. Something akin to the guild management, I suppose, given that you choose what quests to send what adventurers on, but the characters don’t actually interact with you, the player.


    1. Glad you asked! The link is only a few clicks away! But first, if you would sign right down here on the axis cult registration form…


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