Konosuba second official popularity poll: Up now

[Thanks to Xenthur for the typesetting]

The second Konosuba Character Popularity poll is up now. The character who wins the top spot will get a special project, and the characters who placed 1-3 will get a short story written for them.

This time Aqua has hijacked the vote and given herself an exclusive button that gives 50 votes with every press! What blatant vote rigging!

You can follow the link in the tweet to vote, or this link here. You can vote once every day, until the 5th of December, so there’s plenty of time left.

21 thoughts on “Konosuba second official popularity poll: Up now”

    1. People for the love of God learn to differentiate between jokes and real life changing opportunities. Vote Aqua. Put the memes aside, she is the heroine for a reason. You get nothing for her loosing, but you get a big history for her if she wins.


      1. Oh my God I can’t read Japanese, is there an English site or a Google translate, something, anything, please help! I start learning Japanese right away but please, it says here I can put a vote per day. Help please I want Aqua to win so bad!


  1. I love megumin to death and she’s one of my favorite characters but I’m gonna keep voting Kasuma anyways because he is been a VERY good boy this last couple of volumes :DROPKICK TO THE FACE FOR THE WIN.

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    1. I voted for Kazuma too, as it would be funny if they both lost to him once Aqua rigged the votes, as she’d HATE to lose to Kazuma DESPITE cheating.

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  2. Does Aqua really think she can win against the glorious and magnificent Emperor Zell, ruler of dragons?

    There are some characters missing from this poll though. Where’s Alderp, Daddy Dustiness, and Zereschrute?


  3. I REALLY want Megumin to win this.

    Parly because she’s best girl, but mainly because it’d be such a meme if she wins again. What would even happen? What lies beyond Continued Explosions?


  4. I love that Aqua is rigging this whole thing. Aqua is my favorite character, but I’m voting tactically and my vote is for Lalatina, because she deserves far more love than she’s been getting.

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