Explosion spinoff 2: Epilogue


Translator: Sine Nomine

Editor(s):  Cannongerbil, Xenthur,

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At a certain hotel in the town of Axel.

The caravan leader prepared a room for me as a thank-you gift for defeating the demon.

I dragged my exhausted body into the room prepared for me and simply collapsed on the bed.

…So sleepy.

After exhausting all my mana, my body felt very sluggish, and my very thoughts seemed slow.

This tiredness wasn’t merely caused by mana exhaustion.

Thinking back, a lot of things have happened after leaving the Crimson Demon Village.

Where were all the years I spent living there?

In the outside world, there were too many “abnormal” events.

In this short time, I experienced a lot of difficulties.

…Even so, they were some pretty good memories. Or should I say, I encountered some strange people—

As I lay on the bed, I felt something step onto my back.

It must be my shameless familiar taking advantage of her tired master.

I got up quickly, grabbed Chomusuke from my back, and tugged it under the blanket.

And, due to my movements, something fell out of the luggage that I left on my bed.

It was a familiar picture book. As I lay down, I picked the book up.


—This was a famous legend from ancient times.

In a certain place, there was once a genius youth.

That youth had an unimaginable talent. He could become stronger just by defeating a few foes.

Adventurers admired and feared that youth, but that youth was always alone.

There was once a fearless adventuring party which invited him to join up.

But that youth said.

‘If I have a cheat, there is no need for companions. I will just be a solo player and get all the loot. Solo play, hurray!’

And he was in truth strong enough to do such a thing…

The youth was very powerful, repeatedly defeating the Demon King’s lackeys by himself.

The desperate Demon King realized that he would lose to the youth in a direct confrontation. How can he defeat this youth then?

The Demon King then noticed that the youth never joined a party.

The Demon King’s general said to the youth, ‘A lonely, loveless hero is a joke! Heroes usually cooperate with their companions to overcome obstacles and defeat the Demon King! You don’t even have companions, so for what are you fighting for? You might as well join us. We have a lot of benefits.’

The general asked him to return after he made his decision. The youth went back as he was told.

In the end, the youth attacked the Demon King’s castle again and confronted the Demon King’s general.

‘I’m not lonely, but a proud solo player. It isn’t that I can’t make friends, but rather I don’t need them. I know companions can become a liability… And what was that about benefits? You think I will be tricked? It never ends well when one makes a deal with the Demon King! I fight for humanity and peace!! There’s no need for further discussion. My goal is the Demon King’s head! I’ll let you go, so get lost!’

The youth pointed to the general and said.

The Demon King’s general replied, ‘If you had said this back then, it would’ve been quite cool.’

—In the end, the general was vanquished as well.

The brave youth made his way deep into the Demon King’s castle.

Nothing could stop him. Eventually, he came before the Demon King—

Throughout history, the confrontation between the hero and the Demon King was always one-on-one.

But over there…

As if violating the rules, there was a huge group of minions who refused to retreat even when faced with the greatest hero, wishing only to protect the Demon King.


—I closed the picture book and put it carefully into the bag.

Did the genius youth, who always fought alone, forcefully clear all obstacles like I did?

Did he not have a family member like an arrogant but very cute sister as I did?

—That was a story that everyone knew, a story where the youth became the Demon King in the end.

I couldn’t resist the desire to sleep anymore and closed my eyes.

Could I find my excellent companions in this city?

If I did, what were they like?

If it was possible…

I wanted to meet people like the fearless party who talked to the youth—

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  1. Ah… That story resonated with me a bit… Mmm it’s fine. I can always always ummm …. Play online… Just because all my friends are too busy for LAN these days doesn’t mean I have to be alone yes!


  2. Huh in volume 16 it was said that the demon king had the power to boost his allies, how ironic. Also that story reminds me of when I played monster hunter and got sick of everyone getting carted so I ended up beating the entire game by myself.


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