Continued explosions 2: Short story 1

Short story 1: The Occasionally Serious Mascot Suit Count

TL: Cannongerbil

Editor: Ulti

“I’m here to invite you on an adventure~”

The penguin that was sweeping the doorstep of Wiz’s magic item store looked around in a daze.

“Are you perhaps talking to me?”

“Is there anyone else present other than me, Yunyun, and you?”

I was thinking about heading out of town today, but Kazuma doesn’t seem like he has any intentions of budging at all, so I invited Yunyun out instead.

I tried to invite the bored looking adventurers that were lazing around in the guild, but after certain incidents, we ended up in a fight and got thrown out.

“I’m sorry, Zereschrute-san. Megumin just refuses to listen to reason…”

Yunyun is a regular of this store, so it seems like she is familiar with this penguin.

“No, it’s fine. I’ve been tossed around at the whims of fate ever since I came to this town, so this really isn’t much… Still, why would you invite me on an adventure?”

Zereschrute asked in a confused voice while looking at Yunyun and me.

“From what Kazuma and Darkness told me, you are pretty strong despite looking so cute. As you can see, we are but beautiful and fragile Archwizards. We would like a vanguard that can protect us from monsters.”

“You were picking a fight with those vanguard adventurers not a moment ago.”

After hearing my words, Zereschrute stiffened up and remained silent for a moment, before saying.

“… I really didn’t expect you to invite a devil out just because you need a vanguard.”

“They do say that Crimson Demons have flexible minds, after all.”

“That probably isn’t praise, Megumin.”

Zereschrute happily flapped his flippers.

“Do you girls not mind being together with devils? I was under the impression that humans generally disliked them.”

“I’ve been around Vanir-san for a long time… Plus, um, Vanir-san is my, er, f-friend…”

Yunyun said with a blushing face.

“Crimson Demons and Devils have fairly similar names, don’t they? I got dragged into some trouble with them thanks to my cat in the past, but I didn’t really mind that. Besides, my little sister seem to really like devils for some reason.”

“It feels really strange to be compared to a Crimson Demon, but… Nevermind. More importantly…”

Saying that, Zereschrute lifted up his broom.

“If you wish to become my companions, do show me your capabilities first. I, Zereschrute, was once feared as the lord of brutality, so… Stop it! Stop it!”

When I attacked him before he could finish his sentence, he waggled the tips of his wings in front of his face in protest.

“You’re the one who brought up the broom in a defensive stance first, so what are you complaining about? Is it fine if I declare victory?”

“It’s not exactly good manners to attack while someone else is talking! This is to allow us to get an accurate measure of each other’s capabilities. It would be pointless if you attack by surprise. Now, let’s do it again–”

Before Zereschrute could finish.

“I’ll keep him distracted, so go for the zipper, Yunyun!”


“Wait, wait, wait! I got it, that’s enough. I already know the two of you are strong, so there’s no need for this! It’s my fault, so please calm down!”

Zereschrute backed down in the face of our combined attacks.

“To think that I would be hunting down monsters together with humans… This world really is full of surprises.”

“You could stand to go out every once in a while instead of staying at the store all day. Anyway, tell us more about you. The only thing we know is that you are a devil underneath that mascot suit.”

This penguin has become the mascot of this store before I realized it, but he always got purified by Aqua every time they ran into each other, so I never got the chance to interact with him very much.

“Very well. Truthfully, it feels like I haven’t been taken seriously in recent times. Allow me to enlighten you about me as a devil, and how I came to be known as the Lord of Brutality!”

“That’s the way to go! My Crimson Demon blood is burning too! Let us engulf the world in fire and destruction together!”

“I’m not letting you destroy anything! If you keep saying stupid things, they are going to put a bounty on you again, Miss 3000 eris!”

Just as I turned to retaliate against Yunyun who called me by a stupid nickname,

“Oh? It’s Megumin-san and Yunyun-san! Welcome! Is there anything you’re looking for in particular?”

Wiz and Vanir returned, seemingly having gone out to stock up on more products.

“I’m not here to shop today. I’m here to invite people for an adventure. The Frogs are starting to increase in number recently, so I thought I should thin the numbers of those irritating creatures.”

Wiz happily clasped her hands together upon hearing that.

“Oh, an adventure!? Vanir-san, let’s go with them! It’s been some time since I went out exterminating monsters!”

“Hmm, the increase in the number of frogs means that there’s a greater risk to that brat. Very well, moi shall join you in hastening their eradication!”

This is unexpected, but it’s certainly reassuring to have the two of them along.

Two devils and a lich.

Even if we were to go up against a Demon King’s General, I feel like we won’t have any trouble…

“Now, then, Zereschrute, I’ll leave you to watch the store!”

“I’ll leave it in your hands, Zereschrute-san! I’ll be sure to bring back some souvenirs!”

At those words, Zereschrute, who had been flapping his wings in joy, slowly dropped down.

He then turned towards Wiz who was cheerfully making preparations for monster hunting and reluctantly said.

“… Have a safe trip…”


… I should invite him out again some other day.


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12 thoughts on “Continued explosions 2: Short story 1”

    1. I think is Aqua, if there are a lot of frogs outside the town, Aqua will be going to Wiz shop because she does not have other place to go.


  1. Vanir refers to Loli succubus as ‘fledgeling devil’ it could be Iris/Alice but Vanir refers to her as ‘daughter of a chirimen store’ or ‘young master’.
    Its most likely Kazuma since he is the one who Vanir constantly refers to as ‘brat’.

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