Volume 16 and Dust 5 Release Date Confirmed: 1st of August (Also TL’d story blurbs)

Release date for the next Volume of Konosuba and Dust 5 have been confirmed. Stay tuned for story blurbs

> Konosuba and Dust  Releasing on the 1st of August simultaneously! <
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Movie “Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings: Crimson Legend” will be releasing on the 30th of August!


Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings: Escaped Goddess Gone Home


Chase after the Goddess who ran away from home! Konosuba 16!

After the commotion Serena caused, Aqua left behind a letter and ran away. The party wishes to chase after Aqua who left for the Demon King’s Castle by her lonesome, but the low level of Kazuma becomes a problem …. However, Kazuma comes up with a ridiculous way to power up! ?


A Time in the Limelight for this fool too! 5: Covenant with the White Dragon


A Mysterious girl with links to Dust’s past has appeared!? The fifth entry to the popular Konosuba spinoff series

“I’ve found you, Line, Shaika…”

Dust managed to lose all his money in the blink of an eye… Just then, a mysterious young girl appeared in front of an exhausted Dust. Even though he would normally not show mercy even to children, in order to provide for the young girl, Dust properly accepts the guild quests, and asks Luna to please nurse her and other such activities. His gallant(?) form makes one think that the girl must be his illegitimate child!

While Kazuma and co were out taking down another Demon King’s General, rumours of a white dragon being sighted spread around Axel, throwing the town into a panic. Despite trying to make a clean break with his past, the identity of the noble Dragon Knight that spent such a long time in the town of beginners, Axel, is made clear–

To keep his promise with his partner, and for the sake of the adventurers in Axel, the Delinquent adventurer rises up

20 thoughts on “Volume 16 and Dust 5 Release Date Confirmed: 1st of August (Also TL’d story blurbs)”

    1. hell no, i hope this continue for long, unless the quality drops i don’t feel the urge to put an end to this


      1. While I would be pretty sad when it finishes, I’d rather the main series finish strong over dragging on too long and getting boring. That said, the Konosuba world is pretty interesting and I wouldn’t mind more series/spin-offs based on it, hopefully with cameos from Kazuma and his party if they take place after the main series finishes.
        I hope they flesh out more of the side characters in the spin-offs though, some of them seem a bit one dimensional or act like simple background characters despite appearing often, like Keith and Taylor in Dust’s series and Cecily in Megumin’s.


        1. A really interesting twist that would lengthen the story would be if when Kazuma and co. decided to go beat the Demon King, they fail miserably, with the Demon King specifically going out of his way to break and scar them mentally before killing them, but they barely get away, (in my head Darkness and Megumin die with Aqua being defeated by battlefield removal, Kazuma manages to escape to a nearby town with them and get them a res) so the Demon King starts hunting them down because they have the potential to actually kill him if they had been stronger, so the continuation afterwards would involve the cast recovering from the battle mentally while having to dodge soldiers and assassins from the Demon King. The “being hunted down” part is meant to give them a reason to get stronger and have another go at the Demon King to get him off their backs, rather than just going back to their mansion and wallowing in self pity at their defeat, not wanting to try again (which IS what they’d do if given the chance in this situation)


  1. Wow those summaries are seriously hyped and with the movie out on the same month August 2019 is practically Konosuba month.


  2. You know the end is near when Kazuma’s the most prominent character on the cover. It was always one of the girls until now. I thought they were saving that for the final volume, so seeing Kazuma here scared me for a second because I want a few more volumes. I’m sure they’ll fight the Demon King’s daughter before the final volume, so if they don’t fight her this volume, then I think we’ll get at least two more volumes before the series ends.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And when the cover show the four main character and few side chars, it’ll be the last for sure :”” lets enjoy it while it last


  3. translate first the spin off of dust in my opinion is more interesting than the original story and it would be like a good entremes before the vol 16 of konosuba


  4. Okay, the volume is released on August 1st, that’s great news, when will you guys upload the first chapter though?


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