Continued explosions 2: Selfish Busters (Prologue)




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TL: Cannongerbil

Editor: Grizz, Ulti, Xenthur


[Thanks to Kasen for colouring all these images in and Ulti for the text.]

“Let’s go on an adventure! Let’s go on an adventure! Let’s go on an adventure! Let’s go on an adventure already!”

“No way! No way! No way! It’s raining today, so leave that business to some other day! Come on, learn from Aqua a little. She’s been in a carefree mood the entire day even in this weather.”

I’d thought that Megumin had become more sensible and mature recently, but she’s been throwing a tantrum since this morning.

“A rainy day seems to be a day of giving thanks for the Axis Cultists. Plus, Aqua is always carefree.”

Aqua, who has been sitting by the window and humming a song to herself all this time, said,

“Hey, don’t make it sound like I’m some kind of airhead without a single care in the world. If I feel like it, I can turn Axel into a lakeside town, you know? If you don’t want this town to turn into a sanctuary of the Axis Cult that’s known to be the residence of the goddess… That actually doesn’t sound too bad. I can take a nice nap in the lake when it gets hot in the summer.”

“If you actually do that, I’m going to scatter giant frog eggs all throughout the lake.”

Darkness, who was knitting something by the sofa, put what she was working on onto the table and said,

“I know it’s only natural to feel restless because of the frequent rains as of late, but it isn’t too bad to spend some time lazing around at home every so often, right? I’ll go with you on your daily routine later, Megumin, so just relax and take it easy until the rain ends.”

With that, she lifted up Chomusuke, who had been pawing at the threads left on the table, up onto her lap.

“Hey, Darkness, I won’t let you badmouth the rain in front of me. And what are you messing around with over there? If you want a rag, I’ll whip one up in a snap, so hand it over.”

“It’s not a rag, I’m making a scarf…Ah!”

Aqua snatched the half-knitted item off the table before Darkness could finish.

“Uggh… Having the product of my efforts be seen as a rag hurts, but losing to Aqua in terms of feminine skills is even worse…”

Watching the mysterious item that she had been working on for the past few days be turned into a rag within moments by Aqua brought tears to Darkness’s eyes.

Just then, Megumin slammed her palm against the table.

“Listen up, Kazuma! We are adventurers, you know!? What kind of adventurers are we to hole ourselves up inside just because of a little rain!?”

“Just a little rain? I can’t let that slide. How about I make it rain in the Crimson Demon village year round?”

“The Crimson Demons know magic that can influence the weather! Such threats won’t work on me!”

Aqua suddenly jumped in with a challenge and Megumin readily bit back with one of her own.

“What’s with you? You are surprisingly worked up today. At least save it for after the rainy season is over. I’ll go with you on an adventure or whatever once it’s over.”

“…Really? The rainy season will be over in just a few more days, you know?”

Towards a Megumin who stared me down with suspicious eyes, I could only…

“When the rainy season is over next year…”

“There’s still plenty of this year left! Come on, I’ll give you these discount coupons that I got from a restaurant if you come with me!”

Growing exasperated, Megumin produced a pair of coupons from her thin wallet and dangled them in front of me.

Megumin is probably the only person in the entire world who would fall for such a bribe.

“Hey, Megumin. Come join me and observe this mysterious mushroom that’s growing by the window. It’s the raining season, so this thing grows really quickly. Plus, it will occasionally glow.”

“Wait, hold on, what kind of mushroom is that? What do you mean by it glows?”

My curiosity piqued by Aqua’s words, I moved over to take a closer look at the mushroom, only for Megumin to snap it up.

“What is with this thing? I’ll turn it into a side dish for dinner!”

“Ah! What are you doing? It was shaking with joy whenever it got sprayed with water! And it was getting cuter every day!”

No, that doesn’t sound like a mushroom at all.

“If none of you are willing to go on an adventure, then I’ll just have to head out on my own! Are you okay with that!? I won’t care if you start getting jealous because you couldn’t take part in the amazing adventure I’m about to have, alright!?”

“Yeah, yeah, go right ahead and get some great achievements under belt or whatever.”

I flippantly said, and a vein started popping on Megumin’s forehead…

“It’s fine to go out and play, but make sure you’re back by dinner.”

“If you’re heading somewhere, please bring back some souvenirs.”

“Argh, you three…! Fine, just wait! I’ll show you all! It’s too late for any regrets!”

Our family’s short-tempered mage left those words before heading out for her adventure–

Sorry for the long wait, everyone, but I really needed the extra time to get everything in order. Still, that wait did give me the required time, so CE 2 should be released weekly with no problems from here on out, so seeya next week.

Also, once again, a big thanks to Kasen for colouring in all the images. Thanks to him, you’ll be getting all the CE2 illustrations in full color.

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  2. Thank you for the translation!
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