Continued Explosions Volume 2 confirmed!

Continued: Gifting this wonderful world with Explosions 2: Selfish Busters

Those guys are returning once again!?

New: Web series preview!

In commemoration of Sneaker Bunko’s 30th anniversary…  a continuation of the Continued Explosions series has been announced.

It’s currently up on Sneaker Bunko’s official site.

Please look forward to it!

6 thoughts on “Continued Explosions Volume 2 confirmed!”

    1. Most likely. My guess – Bakuen 5 is gonna be around volumes 12-13. Which means, that Kazuma and Megumin already have relationship there.


  1. That’s Nice!!
    I wonder what this will be about since how the first volume ended but it can only be good with megumin and friends (and boyfriend 😉 )


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