Cheers: Mishima Kurone Konosuba Artbook short story


My name is-

TL: Cannongerbil

Editing: Ulti, Shaoqi

“My rival Yunyun! Today, we shall finally settle our score!”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, Megumin! We shall finally put an end to this long battle of ours and fulfill the long-standing dream of our clan!”

With their eyes glowing bright red, the two Crimson Demons stared each other down as the crowd cheered around them.

Then, with tensions running high, the two of them nodded and…


This took place on a day where I, unusually, woke up early.

I grabbed a hold of Aqua, who was free just like me, to play a certain card game.

“My name is Megumin! Wielder of Explosion magic and the number one mage in Axel!”

Why do kids have such high blood pressure these days? Paying no heed to how early it is, an extremely hyped up Megumin loudly introduced herself in the living room.

“My turn, I sacrifice Snow Sprite to summon Winter Shogun. The opponent dies instantly.”

“… Hold on, how did I just lose without taking a turn.”

Ignoring Megumin who was standing there, waiting for someone to comment on the pose she was holding, I gathered up the cards and started shuffling for the next round.

Darkness, who was enjoying a cup of tea after breakfast, seemed unsure whether she should acknowledge the motionless Megumin.

But it seems like Darkness decided against breaking the peaceful atmosphere, and returned to the documents she was pouring over…

“My name is Megumin! Wielder of Explosion magic and the number one mage in Axel!”

Megumin once again repeated her declaration as if she didn’t just say it a few moments ago.

“Oh, I finally got lucky! This looks like it’ll be easy victory for me. I summon Loli Succubus. She might be weak, but her special ability prevents her from being attacked by male monsters!”

“My turn. I summon the Axel famous Giant Frog. Any small sized monster that isn’t wearing metal armour gets swallowed and dies.”

The moment the card that Aqua smugly put out was instantly killed…


“Waaaaah! What are you doing!? I finally got blessed with a good hand!”

A suddenly berserk Megumin threw herself on the table and sent the cards flying.

“What’s up with you? Yeah, yeah, your form is really cool today, so hurry on out and show the neighbourhood children how cool your pose is!”

As I moved to pick up the scattered cards, Megumin, still flopped over the table, raised her head towards me and said,

“What’s with that superficial compliment!? Of course the pose that I chose is cool, I totally didn’t need you to tell me that.. What’s more important is why I’ve only just decided to declare myself this way.”

What do you mean by only just?

“Don’t you just go around announcing your name for no reason all the time? I always assumed it was some kind of illness specific to Crimson Demons or something.”

“I thought you caught some weird illness too, so I sneakily casted heal on you every so often.”

“Don’t treat me like some sort of mental patient! Anyway, that isn’t the part you should be paying attention to, the important bit is the ‘number one mage in Axel’. This might be the town of beginners, but I’m well aware that there are a lot of strong spellcasters aside from myself.”

After finally getting off the table, Megumin, surprisingly, said something laudable for once.

“Oh, so you finally learned humility. So, are you going to stop calling yourself the number one mage of Axel or whatever and start using a humbler title instead?”

“Not at all. I wish to challenge the strong folks in Axel to duels and be acknowledged as the actual strongest mage in this town.”

…This girl’s up to something troublesome again.

Darkness, who was merely observing silently from the sidelines till now, suddenly tore her gaze away from her paperwork.

“Hey, Megumin, it’s fine to challenge people, but now is a bad time for it. There’s been a lot of incidents where magic users have been attacked recently. Even when the victims are interviewed, they just say ‘I took a bad fall while walking’ or something along those lines and have no intentions to press charges. There’s definitely some big criminal organization behind this, so please behave yourself until the situation is resolved-”

“Ah, that criminal organization is me! Recently, I’ve been challenging the mages in town to duels, and I’ve won every single one of them.”

This girl, the moment you take your eyes of her…

The reason everyone’s keeping silent is probably because they didn’t want anyone to know that they lost to the mage famous for being useless, and a younger girl on top of that.

Darkness gazed deeply into the leaves at the bottom of her teacup.

“I’ve been staying up late every night looking into this matter for…”

She sounded a little like she wanted to cry. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

“But isn’t that quite amazing? I wouldn’t expect Megumin to defeat everyone in a magic duel despite only knowing Explosion.”

“No, I just used my brain a little. If I used Explosion within town, I’d be branded as a criminal. Turning that on its head, I challenged them to a duel on the main streets where no one can use magic and beat them with my superior level and strength.”

What the hell is she doing?

“… Is it really alright to call yourself the number one mage in Axel like this?”

“Oh, I get it, Kazuma. In order to call myself the number one in Axel, I need to not only best all the mages in this town, but also all the other strong people, right?”

“Nobody said anything like that.”

But Megumin ignored my words, flared her mantle, and took out her notebook.

“This book contains all the strong people in Axel. I’ve been slowly working my way down it every day, and now there’s only one name left. And today, I’ll definitely prove that I’m the number one in Axel!”

“Have a safe trip.” x3

“What are you saying!? You guys are coming with me too! I need someone to bear witness that I am the strongest in Axel!”

“Eeeh” x3


And thus, my peaceful morning was shattered, and I was dragged into yet another bothersome situation.

And the first place Megumin lead us to was…

“… You know, isn’t this setting your sights a little too high?”

We were standing outside of Wiz’s magic item shop.

“Do you have some kind of misunderstanding? I’m not here to challenge Wiz or Vanir. Besides, I’ve already beaten them.”

Megumin suddenly said something surprising.

“Oh? When did you beat them?”

“I took out one of Vanir’s lives with my explosion back when he was possessing Darkness, didn’t I? And I beat Wiz in that explosion magic contest a few days back. That’s the same as saying I beat her, isn’t it?”

Is that really okay?

“Wait, then, Megumin, who did you come here to challenge today?”

“The one I’m looking for is my long-standing rival and someone I must definitely defeat. Yes, I’ve already defeated her countless times in non-combat challenges, but we haven’t properly settled things in a proper duel yet. She has no friends, but I know that she’s a frequent visitor of this store, so…”

Saying that, Megumin opened the door.

“Pardon me!”

“Ah, welcome!”

The only one that greeted her was the bored-looking Wiz who was idly manning the counter.

“Please excuse me.”

“Hey, Megumin, that’s really rude! I know you’re looking for someone, but don’t just immediately leave just because she isn’t here!”

Darkness hastily stopped Megumin before she could leave.

“Yeah, now that we’ve come all the way out here, let’s have some tea before we go. Wiz mostly uses cheap tea leaves, but the tea she brews is really delicious.”

“Thank you very much, Aqua-sama. I’ll go put on some tea, then.”

Wiz immediately started preparing tea like it’s a given.

That Aqua… she doesn’t come here every day to sponge free tea and snacks off her, does she?

“By the way, what brings all of you here today?”

Wiz asked us as she started boiling some water in an alcohol lamp-like vessel.

“Well, Megumin wanted to challenge the strong people in this town, so we ended up here.”

“Eeh? Even if you say that, I’m already retired…! But if Megumin-san insists…”

“No, that’s not it! I didn’t come here to challenge Wiz today. Why does Wiz seem like she’s looking forward to this?”

Despite acting like she’s only reluctantly agreeing to this, I can tell that she’s quite excited.

She always had a calm air about her, but I’ve heard that she was a pretty amazing adventurer before becoming a Lich. She might have a surprising competitive streak.

Megumin didn’t have any intention of challenging a Lich in the first place, but she still ended up panicking in the face of Wiz’s surprising enthusiasm.

“Oho, so the strong person you’re looking for is the Vanir who is said to (possibly) be even stronger than the Demon King himself. Very well, Moi, the Archduke of Hell, shall be your opponent!”

Vanir, clad in his apron, appeared from the back room and declared with a laugh.

Actually, is it just me, or does he seem really enthusiastic about this too?

“T-That’s not it either! The one I’m looking for is that long-term customer of this store! She shouldn’t have anywhere else to be, so why isn’t that loner here!?”

“Oh, so your business is with that girl… hmm… from what my all-seeing eyes tell me, she’s currently sitting in the adventurers guild and eagerly anticipating running into you.”

She could’ve just visited the mansion directly. She really should stop doing such troublesome things.

“Oh, the tea that Wiz brews really is quite delicious. It’s to the point where I’m in half a mind to hire you on as a teamaker.”

“The financial situation at the store isn’t looking too great at the moment, so if it really comes down to it, I’ll be relying on you…”

Darkness seems like she’s really enjoying the tea that Wiz brewed.

Next to her, Aqua was wildly looking around the store for snacks that could go with her tea.

Vanir shot this tea party goddess a displeased look.

“How long are you going to treat this place like a cafe? Perhaps it’s time I start charging for the tea.”

“What are you saying, you freeloading devil? I’ve been treating this place like a cafe long before you came here. In other words, this is my territory. You came here after me, so you shouldn’t be lecturing me.”

Hearing Aqua’s retort, Vanir’s body started trembling.

“Freeloading Devil… Moi, who spends all day helping the useless shopkeep turn her store about, is a freeloader… Fuhahaha! You really have some guts, fraud of an unclear age and background! …Perhaps I shall determine your true age with moi all-seeing eyes… Oh, my, what’s with this blinding light that blocks my vision.? If moi can’t see through it, that means that there’s no way to conclusively prove that you aren’t an old hag after all. Ah, if only my powers were slightly stronger. My my, what a pity.”

“Oh, I see, who you wish to fight isn’t Megumin, but me. Fine, bring it on! I’ll send a small fry devil like you back to hell with a single strike of my God Blow!”

“Ah, um, can the two of you please…”

Wiz started slightly panicking as the two of them went at each other yet again.

“Err, well, thanks for the information on that girl. Now then, sorry for leaving just as things are getting going, but let’s head over to the Adventurer’s guild… Ah-what are you doing? Could you please let go of my mantle?”

Vanir grabbed Megumin by the mantle before she could leave.

“Fuhahaha, it’s only common sense to offer recompense in exchange for information, is it not? Furthermore, moi is the great devil that sees through all! Surely, after receiving valuable information from such a great source, you do not expect to simply leave without offering anything in return! Now, now, it’s not like moi is expecting money from you. This defective shopkeeper once again brought in some goods recently, so simply buying a few fine items off my hands will do!”

“Vanir-san, Vanir-san, what are you saying? Didn’t she tell us in person that she’d be waiting at the guild today, so she won’t be- Ah, ow ow ow!”

After having his secrets revealed, Vanir grabbed Wiz by the head to shut her up.

“Now, now, the product moi is offering today is this! This isn’t like the usual pieces of trash on offer in the store, it’s a very useful item indeed. This item shall temporarily increase a person’s magic power by a tremendous amount when used. Yes, if you use this, you shall be able to unleash far stronger explosion magic than even your wildest-”

“I’ll take it! I’ll definitely buy it!”

Restraining Megumin who immediately agreed to buy it despite having next to no money, I, as usual, started asking for more details.

“So, what of its side effects?”

“This item will consume something similar to its user’s life force or vitality in exchange. As a result, anyone who uses this item will inevitably die.”

“We don’t need that!”

I have no idea what kind of person would even make use of such a dangerous item.

Though, Megumin’s eyes started sparkling for some reason.

“I’ll buy it! I want it! I definitely want it! Burning my life to surpass my limits, isn’t that just like what I’ve been chasing all this time!?”

“Why are you so eager to die!? Haven’t you thought about living a leisurely life!? Just because you’re a user of Explosion magic doesn’t mean you need to live your life like a firework!”

Just as I was dealing with Megumin who seemed really taken with it for some reason, Wiz, who was pouring tea for Darkness and Aqua, looked at the item in Vanir’s hand and exclaimed.

“Vanir-san, that isn’t for sale! I just bought it for nostalgia’s sake! That’s something that no human should ever use!”

“You used this item in your duel against me in the past, so what are you saying? Why would you find value in such a thing? If we sell this to the girl who lives a dreadful life every day, not knowing if the next day is the day she finally dies, both me and her would be happy.”

“Hey, don’t make it sound like I’m harbouring suicidal thoughts!”

It feels like I heard something really concerning just now…

Leaving the two of them to quibble over the magic item, Megumin confirmed that Aqua and Darkness have finished their tea and are getting ready to leave before saying,

“Well, you two seem like you’re in the middle of something, so it’s about time we move on.”

“A-After causing all that ruckus, you guys really intend on leaving after drinking tea!?”

Leaving Wiz’s magic item shop behind us, we headed over to the adventurer’s guild.


“Oh, yeah, Megumin, you said you defeated all the strong people in this town, but did you win against, uh, I forgot his name, but did you win against that magic sword user too?”

“You’re talking about that guy with the name that sounds like some kind of food, Mitarashi-san or something, right? Of course I beat him. When I challenged him, he said some naive sounding things like ‘I don’t hit women. That said, after losing to him and that mysterious masked man, I’ve sworn never to lose to anyone, so I shall withstand whatever blows you have until you give up’, so I stole his sword while his guard was down and only offered to return it if he admits defeat.”


“You really are ruthless. I’m sure he said something like he couldn’t be bothered to play with an idiot like you and admitted defeat right?”

After expressing my exasperation with Megumin’s tactics, we arrived at the guild.

“This time, I’ll definitely settle things with my rival. Kazuma, please properly take in my firework-like lifestyle.”

“Y-Yeah… Did she take what I said just now as praise?”

After slapping her cheeks a couple of times to raise her spirits, she boldly strutted through the doors like she did earlier and exclaimed.

“Pardon me!”

“Hmm? Oh, hey, Megumin! It’s been some time!”

The one who responded was Chris, sitting at a table next to the entrance.

“So the rival you were referring to was Chris?”

“No it isn’t!”

More importantly, the girl she was actually looking for was nowhere to be found.

“I heard you recently came back to Axel, but what are you doing, drinking beer so early in the morning? Seriously, despite being a devout Eris cultist, you’ve always been…”

“I’ve been running around all over the place recently, so I haven’t had the chance to drink beer like this for a while, so please let me off, Darkness. A-Anyway, what’s up with everyone? Megumin seems to be in quite high spirits today.”

Chris asked, the foam from the crimson beer she was drinking still stuck to the corners of her mouth.

“Well, I came to the guild to settle things with that girl- Ah!”

“W-What’s wrong? Why did you suddenly raise your voice like that? If you’re hungry, you can help yourself to some of my snacks.”

Chris shifted her bowl of snacks across the table, but, strangely, the one to accept that wasn’t Megumin, but Aqua.

Ignoring Aqua who was happily digging into the snacks without a care in the world Megumin said to Chris,

“I was treating it as my victory since I couldn’t find Chris in town, but this is a good opportunity. Now that you’re here, why don’t you engage in a life or death duel with me?”

“No, wait, I have no idea what you’re saying! Hey, please explain!”

— After I explained the circumstances to Chris.

“It’s pretty strange for a thief like me to appear on that list…”

“Well, even if you tell me that… Megumin seems to just have written down anyone famous in Axel that comes to mind.”

Looking down Megumin’s list, rather than a list of the strong people of Axel, it’s more of a list of our acquaintances.

Well, then again, most of the strong people in this town are also our acquaintances…

“So, Chris, please have a duel with me!”

“Just treat it as my loss, I can’t really fight anyway… W-What’s wrong, Aqua-san?”

Aqua was staring intensely at Chris. That expression of hers, it’s like she was looking at something really unbelievable and yet somehow nostalgic…

“Say, Chris, have we met somewhere before? I can’t quite put my finger on it, but when I look at Chris this closely, she feels kind of strange. I wonder why? It’s a strange, nostalgic feeling…”

Aqua’s sudden words gave Chris and I a shock.

The scary thing about Aqua is that she occasionally becomes inexplicably sharp, just like now.

“Oh, I get it now! Chris, did you work at that somewhat suspicious bar on third street before? The one where the girls wear really short skirts and will drink with you if you pay enough?”

“I’ve never worked at such a place!”

“Hey, Aqua, why have I never heard of such a store before!? Tell me more details!”

Seems like it was just my imagination.

Nevermind that, just give me more details about the shop.

“Well, let’s put a star next to Chris’s name… Right, now Yunyun’s the only one left. Why is it that she has to go missing just when we are looking for her?”

“Oh, if you are talking about Yunyun, she was here for quite some time, but then she left a short while ago. She had a face like she just resolved herself to fight a really strong opponent…”

After hearing that from Chris, we bid her farewell and headed straight back home.

The long-standing rival of Megumin that we went all over town looking for is…

“So there you were! Seriously, just when I want to see you, you completely vanish!”

“E-Eh? M-Megumin wants to see me?”

I’m sure Yunyun took a lot of time to muster her resolve to visit our house.

Of course, after all that, no one was home, and we ran into her just as she was heading back with a depressed air about her.

“A-Ah… I-I bought a small house so that my friends can come visit me whenever they want! I’m planning on going back home to wait! I’m definitely not planning on walking aimlessly around the town!”

“What are you saying all of a sudden! No one asked you that! That’s way too heavy!”

Yunyun must have been overjoyed to run into her friends on the way home, that’s why she started saying something incomprehensible.

Megumin slapped her down, flared her mantle, and, while being surrounded by a small crowd, loudly declared,

“My name is Megumin! Wielder of Explosion magic and the number one mage in Axel! My rival, Yunyun, I’ve come to challenge you to a duel!”

“Eeeh!? Megumin, you’re challenging me!? N-Normally you’d find it bothersome to be challenged, but now you’re…”

Yunyun slowly lowered her head after listening to Megumin’s declaration.

Sob… What’s going on today? First you come looking for me, and now you’re voluntarily challenging me to the duel I’ve always wanted…. I’m so happy that I could die….”

“It’s important, but do you really have to cry like this!? Oh, by the way, the one who wins this duel will get to name herself the number one in Axel. So, what will it be? I don’t mind if you were to forfeit and let me win by default!”

Hearing Megumin’s provocations, Yunyun wiped away her tears.

“Of course I’ll accept! … It’s way too embarrassing, so I don’t do this normally, but in this case…”

Yunyun cleared her throat

“My name is Yunyun! An Archmage who wields advanced magic… the strongest mage of the Crimson Demons and the one who will eventually become the best mage in the world!”

Hearing those rarely spoken words, the surrounding onlookers let out an excited cheer.

Megumin seemed a little miffed that the cheers are louder than when she did her introduction.

“My rival Yunyun! Today, we shall finally settle our score!”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, Megumin! We shall finally put an end to this long battle of ours and fulfill the long-standing dream of our clan!”

With their eyes glowing bright red, the two Crimson Demons stared each other down as the crowd cheered around them.

Then, with tensions running high, the two of them nodded and…

“… No, wait, what was that about the long-standing dream of our clan? I’m a Crimson Demon too, so why is defeating me the dream of our clan!?”

“You need to read the mood a little! I went out and struck a pose and everything, but what exactly should we compete in!?”

Having calmed down, Yunyun finally took a good look at her surroundings and blushed.

Well, these two have never fought a proper duel before, so I’m sure this time will end up like all the previous-

“Let’s settle this with magic like proper Crimson Demons!”

Hearing Megumin’s completely unexpected words, not only Yunyun, even the rest of us were taken aback.


-The location was the plains a short distance outside Axel.

This place holds creatures that could be said to be our starting point, and also could said to be our arch-nemesis…

“Fireball! …Yes, that makes nine frogs!”

The duel ended up being a contest of who could take down the most Axel famous Giant frogs.

Of course, the only way to take down a frog would be with magic.


From the start, Yunyun had been using the more mana-efficient intermediate magic instead of advanced magic to take down the frogs.

Against weak creatures like Giant Frogs, intermediate magic is more than enough.

There’s no need to resort to overkill like using Explosion. Limiting your spells based off the level of your opponent is the smartest and most efficient way of doing things.

*Pant, Pant*… Seems like you choose the wrong contest, Megumin! You didn’t forget that I could still use intermediate magic, did you!? *Pant* I can still take on five more like this!”

“Hmph… that kind of slow and plodding fighting style isn’t like me. A single blast of Explosion is enough to vanquish all my enemies.”

Megumin seems pretty calm when she said that, but beneath that calm exterior, cold sweat was running down from under her hat.

Perhaps she really did forget that Yunyun could use intermediate magic.

“This is the last one! Light of Saber!”

Finishing the last one with Advanced Magic, Yunyun ended up with 16 total kills.

“So, what did you think? My levels went up by quite a bit. That’s the benefit of solo parties.”

Yunyun, sprawled on the ground, said with a satisfied smile.

“That’s pretty good. Is this the first time you’ve experienced the benefit of being a loner?”

“I’m not a loner, I’m in a solo party!”

After exhausting her mana, Yunyun could only express her displeasure through words.

Unperturbed, Megumin stood up and flared her cape.

“It’s my turn then. Allow me to demonstrate what true Explosion is.”


— Aqua’s and Darkness’s voice echoed throughout the plain.

“Waaaaah! Megumin, I’ve lured in a ton of frogs with my monster luring skill, so hurry up and take care of them!”

“Megumin, I’ve attracted a lot of them with my taunt too! The rest is up to you!”

Raising her staff to the sky, Megumin smiled and nodded towards Aqua and Darkness.

“No fair no fair no fair! Megumin, that’s cheating!”

Still lying on the ground due to mana exhaustion, Yunyun whined at Megumin.

“How annoying. I did say that only frogs defeated through magic would count, but apart from that, there’s nothing forbidding your companions from lending a hand. You’ve always failed to properly confirm the rules whenever you challenged me to a duel, that’s why you’ve always lost. The strength of Crimson Demons lies not with their high magic power, but also their intelligence! Making use of your head is also part of our strengths… Seriously, if you call yourself my rival, you should really mature in ways other than your body.”

“What intelligence, you’re just being underhanded! That’s cheating! Lowlife-min! … Ah, wait, no, stop!”

Making use of Yunyun’s immobile state, Lowlife-min pulled on Yunyun’s cheeks as revenge. Just then…

“Hey, Megumin, why haven’t you used your magic yet!? They’ve almost caught up!”

Looking at Aqua heading towards us, Megumin gave me a signal.

“…Ah, wait, Lowlife-min, you can’t be-! Using Drain Touch to transfer mana from your companions is way too low!”

“Oh shut up, if there was such a rule, you should’ve clearly stated it at the start! Or you could’ve simply brought along some companions to transfer their mana to you!”


After delivering some finishing lines to Yunyun and driving her to tears, Megumin started chanting with the mana she received from me.

“With this, I’ll become the number one in Axel. The title of the strongest is mine!”

Her eyes glowing a bright red, she pointed her staff towards the horde of frogs.


A far stronger explosion than anything I’ve seen before was released into the middle of the horde.

“Hmph… There’s no need to even count them. Every single one of them were eradicated by me. So, will you acknowledge my victory now?”

Sob… Fine, I admit that it’s your victory today. But next time… Next time…”

The two Crimson Demons started conversing about such things while laying flat on the ground.

“Mwahaha… Mwahahahaha! With this, I’m the strongest! I am the number one in Axel! No one will be able to say I’m exaggerating!”

Just as Megumin was laughing,

“Right, so who’s going first?”

“The one who beats Megumin has to face challenges from the remaining two, right? Then the one who goes last has the advantage. I’m a weak support class, so I think I’ll go last.”

“If you’re going to put it that way, then I should be the weakest. I too would like to go last.”

The three of us surrounding Megumin started discussing amongst ourselves.

Sensing that something is off, Megumin started fidgeting, but was of course unable to stand back up.

“… Umm, what are the three of you saying? Nevermind that, Kazuma, can you give me some mana using drain touch? Just enough to move will be fine…”

Megumin said in a wavering voice, her face drained of blood.

“Oh, fine, then I shall go first. As a frontline class, I’ve the confidence to stand up to an Archpriest and an Adventurer.”

Sitting next to Megumin, Darkness regarded her with an extremely serious expression and said-

“My name is Dustiness Ford Lalatina. I request a duel with the strongest mage in Axel, Megumin, over the title of the strongest!”

“I have no idea what you are saying! Darkness, you’re not angry, are you? You’re not still holding a grudge over how I challenged the mages in town to a duel and caused you to spent all that effort for nothing, are you!?”

Megumin screamed as she struggled.

“The rules of the duel would continue until someone admits defeat. Now, now, there’s no need to worry. As a Crusader, there’s no way I would do anything too outrageous to a defenseless young girl. But, I suggest you surrender early. You’d find it hard to breathe if you laugh too violently, after all.”

Just then, Yunyun weakly raised her head, a wide grin plastered across her face.

“I get it, I’ll apologize, so please, if you’re going to do this, please wait till I’ve recovered my mana…!”

Maniacal laughter echoed across the plains of Axel-


What happened after that involved someone panting heavily with a beet red face, and someone crying as they ran around. There wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy to report.

…Ah, no wait, perhaps there is something noteworthy.


My name is Kazuma, wielder of many skills and the number one adventurer in Axel.


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  2. “Oho, so the strong person you’re looking for is the Vanir who is said to (possibly) be even stronger than the Demon King himself. Very well, Moi, the Archduke of Hell, shall be your opponent!”
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