Konosuba Manga: Everyday Life in this Wonderful World: Chapter 7

So it turns out that a fortnightly schedule might be a little too harsh to meet, so I’ll settle for releasing a chapter every month or so. It should line up nicely with Masked chapters, so we should be getting a TL manga every two weeks or so.



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14 thoughts on “Konosuba Manga: Everyday Life in this Wonderful World: Chapter 7”

  1. Delay after that cliffhanger? Time to kill myself….

    I’m not complaining, You guys are awesome for translating this, it’s just I wanna kms ;-;


  2. The two guys from another world, I’m surprised that they don’t talk more seeing that they are both isekai’d people from japan


    1. Personality clash, plus Kyouya is a higher level and spends more time in the field doing hero stuff actively while Kazuma is a NEET that tends to fall into his fights by accident.


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