Consulting with this Masked Devil! – Epilogue


Translator: yuNS

Editor: Cannongerbil


“––Thus, the store owner was reborn as a Lich. After that, the Demon King requested that she – as compensation for her rampage through the castle – become one of the Demon King’s generals that maintain the barrier. Though her companions were freed from the premonition of death, she was no longer human, and thus she retired from being an adventurer and decided to open a store in the town where she first met her companions. Having told them that if they were tired, they could come around to play anytime, she awaits their arrival in this store. Rumor has it that one of her former companions died in a fierce battle against a large bounty target, but even so, this this spirited store owner continues to wait for their arrival.”


“Since then, the militant store owner has become completely jaded. As of present, she gives the impression of extreme meekness. Sometimes, Moi wonder where the one that said ‘I have come to fulfill our promise!’ is. Ah, where has that disciplined, forward-facing and powerful magician disappeared to…!”

“Vanir-san, Vanir-san…”

With a troubled expression, Wiz tugged on Moi sleeves.

“What is it? Moi was wondering whether to tell the tale of how Moi managed to taste interesting and strange negative emotions from the Demon King’s subordinates, or the tale of how much the Demon King cried after the thieving store owner took as she pleased from the treasury, only to open a store in the castle…”

“T-That’s not it, um, Aqua-sama has…”

Moi looked at where Wiz was pointing, and saw the goddess sleeping comfortably on the tabletop. Ignorant to the situation around her, the goddess drooled as she slept.

“…If she is in such a defenseless state, then Moi should use Moi sure-kill death ray to send her to her grave.”

“That’s wrong you know!? She seems to be sleeping so comfortably, so let’s just leave her be, alright?”

Wiz, who, as usual, was soft towards the goddess, smiled wryly at Moi.

Then, Wiz pleasantly smiled at the soundly sleeping goddess and continued to happily sip her tea.

Moi suppose that, just for today, Moi would leave this goddess be.

After all, today was a very special day for this store owner.

At the very least, this day should be passed peacefully.

“Vanir-san, you seem to be in a good mood. How should I say this… You’re only in a good mood when you’re plotting something… So what is it? What are you planning to do today?”

“To categorize Moi as a troublemaker such as thyself is disrespectful. Moi merely used Moi power to see the future, and foresaw that a little event will occur today.”

Yes, Moi enjoyed seeing a human’s surprised expression.

“A little event? As in, the customers will finally come to understand the value of our merchandise, or that the store will become prosperous…?”

“That would be called a huge incident, not a small event.”

Moi glanced sideways at comfortably sleeping goddess on the table, and turned Moi attention toward the door of the store.

Through Moi actions, Wiz seems to have also noticed that a customer was coming.

As the door opened, Wiz’s expression changed from surprise, to nostalgia, to a warm, gentle smile.

The customers that entered the store carried a child. They were two familiar, former adventurers––

〈The End〉

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18 thoughts on “Consulting with this Masked Devil! – Epilogue”

  1. But is it not in the anime that Wiz’s adventurer companions are considered dead. During the Hot spring arc, where she almost fade, she dreamed of her companions calling her to crossover the river of the dead. So how come they are alive here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know this is SUPER late, but Wiz’s party had at least 6 members total, and she only sees two of them waving to her during her near-death experience in the anime.
      Furthermore, if you look closely during that scene, the person on the left is wearing armor, has a large shield, long hair, and an hour-glass-like figure (probably a female Crusader), and the person on the right has a long scarf, short hair, broad shoulders, and is wearing either tight-fitting armor or no armor at all (probably a male Thief / Rogue).

      The two who visit the shop in this chapter are most likely Rosary (an Archpriest) and Brad (a Swordmaster), neither of whom fit the silhouettes of the two dead adventurers from the anime.

      Liked by 4 people

    2. The anime isn’t canon , even thought it tries its best to adapt the light novels . In that case , you should read the main serie light novels .


  2. The two demon generals allowed Wiz to hold the next Demon king candidate in her arms. The child hugged Wiz tightly as Wiz then whispered: “Long live the king…”. Wiz removed her finger blocking the explosion bottle.

    Vanir overlooked the rubble. And shedding a single tear, gathered up his courage and inform Kazuma that it was now possible to enter the Demon king’s castle.

    “Sayonara tomadachi.”


  3. Lol wtf is going on with these comments!? I don’t know if you guys are joking like “Decaf” or you simply don’t know that the companions she speaks here are not the Demon King’s generals (who she is not in so good terms with the majority of them) but instead her old adventurer companions


    1. In Anime during the trip to Aqua cult headquarters, Wiz saw during her near death experience is Beldia, I’m sure of it because of voices, also I vaguely remember that there’s also one shadow their next to Beldia. I think that was one of her companion,who died during the Battle against high bounty target.


  4. In LN, it mentioned that Kazuma was also in their, why he wasn’t here?,
    after they defeated Hanz, Wiz promise that when they get back to axel she would tell her stories alongside with Vanir to Kazuma, it’s strange that Kazuma wasn’t here, also during v15 or 16 it’s mentioned by Kazuma that he was there a long with Aqua who fall sleep later part.


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