16 thoughts on “Megumin Anthology: Tanimura Marika- Tiny Megumin’s ordinary day”

  1. anybody noticed she had no pantsu? I guess it makes sense since she shrunk down and all she had to work with were doll clothes. It also would’ve been embarassing to have Kazuma knit you underwear to wear.

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    1. But we can see in the first panel that her clothes shrunk with her. Though I can understand not wanting to wear the same underwear for three days, it should still be better than nothing.


  2. Did the giant toads give megumin a vote fetish?, twisted her preferences to like ‘big’ things sexually although unaware of it?, both?


    1. No, the Megumin anthology is technically fan content. It might be officially published, but all the stories are written by different artists without input from Akatsuki Natsume.


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