Explosion spinoff 1: Prologue (Megumin’s Turn)

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TL: Sine Nomine

Editing: Cannongerbil, Skythewood, Verithaum, Xenthur

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A person wearing a low hood calmly chanted the spell.

In contrast to her calm tone, the power of the spell was devastating.

The boom shook the air and was accompanied with a scorching blast.

The giant black beast chasing me was easily blown away.

And that’s not all. My sacred playground was also completely destroyed by the powerful spell, and all the toys that I worked so hard to gather were blown away.

Overwhelming power that can sweep away anything.

The greatest destructive force that was stronger than any other kind of spell.

This massive destruction was dealt by only a single mage. A single shot.

What kind of spell could that be?

Even the adults in the village have never used something like that before.

The hooded person walked toward the mind-blown and dazed me.

“Are you alright? Were you hurt anywhere?”

She bent down and peeked at my expression.

The robe she was wearing was really rustic, but when she bent down, her plump breasts were displayed prominently.

Oh wow, this is awesome. Well, that spell was awesome too, but this is way better!

“How do I become someone like you?”

This question just immediately popped out from my mouth. I even forgot to thank her first.

The words that my mom kept repeating recently floated in my mind.

‘Our family has always had slender figures. It’d be better if you give up early’, something like that.

I am not gonna give up, not gonna give up until the very end.

With my mind set, I clenched my fist, staring at her plump parts……

The hooded person looking at me seemed to smile.

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After a short silence, the onee-san cringingly asked,

“……Is that a nickname?”

“It’s my real name.”

The onee-san fell silent as she tried to calm herself down, and then she said,

“You want to become someone like me…? Hm…… If you eat more, learn more, and become an archmage, I am pretty sure…”

Become an archmage, then I can have huge breasts.

Become an archmage, then I can have huge breasts!

“Yes. If you become an archmage, one day you will be able to use that spell. But honestly, I don’t really recommend that spell.”

Seemed like the hooded person said something else, but I’ve already fallen into the dream of being an archmage.


The person with the hood patted my head while I kept mumbling “archmage, archmage” and looked around.

“Hey little girl, did you see any other adults around here? There should be someone who removed the seal of the tomb… The fragments of the seal are here, and seal shouldn’t undo itself…”

The person with the hood twisted her head and picked up the fragment beside my feet.

“That person should still be around here. It’s a mystery as to who unleashed me… Well, never mind, asking you is not gonna help me figure it out.”

While she was talking, she moved to the center of the giant hole that was created by the spell.

A black beast was lying over there, barely breathing.

She put her hand upon the black beast’s head.

“Please sleep a little bit longer, my other half. This world is still too peaceful for you to wake up…”

The hooded person mumbled like this, and her hand started flashing, seemed like she was absorbing something from that beast.

Meanwhile, the beast became smaller and smaller.

Finally, it shrank to the size of a cat, and as its shape became a blur, it disappeared.

“Okay, after this…… Oh? What are you doing right now, little girl?”

I was picking up the toys that were scattered on the ground. Then she turned to me.

“I am picking up my toys. My family is very poor, these are all I have.”

“Ah? No, no. These are not toys. They are used for sealing the horrible, evil fiend. They’re very important…… Huh?”

I assembled the fragments I picked up, but some of them are missing.

Need three more pieces.

“Onee-san, your spell blew three pieces away, can we look for them together?”

“No, no no no! This is way too weird! How did you assemble those pieces so easily! This is odd however you slice it! Even those adults, including oracles, were having a hard time cracking them. How did this happen……”

The person with the hood kept stroking her jaw and seemed to be really confused.

“When did you come and play on this restricted area, little girl? Didn’t the adults inside the village tell you not to go near here?”

“My mom said that if people tell you ‘It’s dangerous there’ or ‘There’s nothing there’ or ‘Don’t get close to it’, that always means there are treasures hidden over there.”


The person with the hood was frightened and panicked.

After that, she stood beside me and put her hand on my head.

“Well, there are still many things that I don’t know, but most likely, I have you to thank. Do you have any wishes, little girl? I might not look like it, but I am actually a mysterious archmage with great power. No matter what kind of wish you have, I can make one of them come true.”


“Yes, a wish. No need to hesitate, just say it. No matter what kind of……”

“Conquer the world.”

“…So-sorry, I can’t do that. What’s with her? This kid might become an amazing person… Errr, don’t you have any other wish?”

The edge of her hood was very low, but I could still see the corner of her mouth twitching.

“Then turn me into a girl with huge boobs.”

“N-no, that is impossible too. How old are you right now? You shouldn’t be at the age to worry about such matters.”

Looks like this is not gonna work either.


“Turn me into the Demon King.”

“So-sorry! I have to correct my words. Unlike such a talented little girl as you, I am just a simple mage with some power. Only able to grant a simple wish.”

The hooded person apologized to me as a drop of sweat crossed her face.

I looked at the fragment pieces on my hand.

“…My toy is still missing three pieces. Could you find them for me?”

“Wait! No, I can still achieve a wish that’s a little bigger…! And don’t treat it as a toy! That black beast right now was just resealed! Don’t come to this place again, got it!? Don’t you have any other wish? Something a little bigger……”

The person with the hood seemed embarrassed and looked at me cravenly.

……Something a little bigger.

Well then——

“Please, teach me that spell.”

Editor’s note: This segment is continued in the Manga bonus side story: Taking my first step on the path to explosions

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