Megumin Anthology: Kinokonoki – Advice for this young body type!

Happy New Year!

The old volumes should continue to go up periodically over the next two weeks, but for now, enjoy the next chapter of the Megumin Anthology.



[Zip download]

5 thoughts on “Megumin Anthology: Kinokonoki – Advice for this young body type!”

  1. Read all of the LNs and discovered this site. I’m so blown away. I subscribed yesterday and today I’m already reading content I previously hadn’t seen. Shame the manga isn’t caught up with the LNs, but I’m excited! This project and the team behind it are kickass! Keep up the amazing work ❤

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  2. There’s no helping these girls personalities Kazuma. A certain amount of perversion is normal these days. Fumu if life gets too tough just remember that it’s a sandbox limited only by your principles.


  3. I was ready to say something like ‘don’t worry Megumin, there are people out there that like you just the way you are….that have yet to have the FBI kick their doors down to arrest them,’ but Kazuma stole my thunder with his assessments of the three, which are spot on.


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