Dust spinoff: A time in the limelight for this fool too!

Sypnosis: A spinoff of Kono Suba featuring Dust as the primary protagonist, taking place around volumes 1-4 of the main series.

“No money, no women!” The (self-proclaimed) carry of Axel, the delinquent Dust, is suffering from a chronic case of empty-wallet. Whilst the newbie adventurer Kazuma continues to steadily make a name for himself, Dust is busy setting people up in scams, selling stolen products, ripping off noble ladies, and the like. ‘Let’s make some money today too!’

Whilst he was doing so, he was told an ominous prophecy by the great devil Vanir: “Thou hast a interesting future ahead.”

Volume 1: Aren’t I a great side character?

Volume 2: Beyond the Distant Harem

Volume 3: Bestowing the Starry Sky upon this Dreaming Princess

  • Prologue + Illustrations
  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Epilogue


Spin off 1: Gifting this World with Wonderful Explosions!

Synopsis: The prequel to the main story of KonoSuba that follows the events surrounding Megumin before she meets Kazuma and Aqua.

(Explosion) Volume 1: Megumin’s Turn

Short story: Taking my first step on the path to explosions

(Explosion) Volume 2: Yunyun’s Turn

(Explosion) Volume 3: The strongest pair’s turn

 Spin off 2: Consulting with this Masked Devil!

Synopsis: After Wiz wastes all the money Vanir made from Kazuma’s patents on high quality Manatite, Vanir is forced to take up a job in consulting to pay the monthly rent of the shop.

Aqua couldn’t fall asleep, and decided to invade Wiz’s shop to inquire about her and Vanir’s past.

Various characters consult Vanir for help.

Spin off 3: Continued, Gifting this World with Wonderful Explosions!
Volume 1: yuNS Translations


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