Konosuba Volume 6: Prologue (Princess of the six flowers)

TL: Skythewood

Editing: Adam, Cannongerbil, Xenthur

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Darkness: Don’t do anything rude, all right? Depending on your words, your head might really be sent flying.

Aqua: I’ll liven things up with my special party trick. One that will not bring shame to Darkness!

Megumin: I shall give the princess a surprise with the extravagant style of the Crimson Demons too,

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Claire: Lowly plebeian, don’t leer at royalty with such lewd eyes. More importantly, Hurry up with your greetings and tell me about your adventures

Iris: Onii-sama is, um, my playmate…

This is the first time I’ve met someone like you.

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Iris: Chivalrous thief… I think I admire them a little.

Eris: Won’t you please help collect the divine relic?

Chris: Want to go to Her Highness’s side and play?


That day.

After waking up, I didn’t plan to get down from my soft bed, so I clapped my hands instead.

This was to summon the butler before the door.

The one who appeared was an elderly man with white hair, wearing the attire of a butler.

“What can I do for you, Kazuma-dono.”

I said to the elderly man, bowing deeply at me:

“May I trouble you to prepare some coffee to freshen me up, Sebastian?”

“It’s Heidel.”

“Thank you, Heidel.”

After asking for coffee from the butler Heidel, I laid down on my bed again.

The maid Mary will come and change the sheets later.

However, I couldn’t let her change the sheets so easily.

I had to obstruct the maid in all sorts of ways to stop her from completing her work.

This was the way to treat maids, taught to me by a certain Crusader.

Finally, there was a knocking on the door.

Look, here she comes.

My personal maid, Mary…

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